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An Introduction to Dargon

: : What is The Dargon Project? : :

In a nutshell, we began developing Dargon in 2011 with the goal of facilitating the creation, distribution, and installation of League of Legends modifications.

: : Who is in The Dargon Development Team? : :

The Dargon Development Team consists of a tiny group of software developers and one graphics designer. Our members include the creator of RAF Manager and a major contributor to Skin Installer Ultimate.

: : When are you launching your client? : :

We'll be publicly releasing our client before the end of the calendar year. In the meantime, we'll be running various closed tests to ensure that our software runs properly in a variety of software and hardware environments.

: : How is Dargon different from its alternatives? : :

We believe our alternatives approach applying modifications in a fundamentally incorrect and unsafe way because they are built upon an outdated abstraction of the way League of Legends handles resources.

We are making a better, safer implementation.

: : How can I get involved? : :

Getting involved is simple and your involvement is up to you. You can assist us in many ways, from contributing code to simply testing our application.

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